slate chippings for garden mulch decorative slate - ideal to keep weeds down slate delivered in the UK

Quality slate chippings for garden landscaping direct from North Wales ... by Cawley Bros.

We supply decorative slate chippings for use in garden landscaping, local authority, and urban development, from the slate quarries of North Wales, with bulk delivery provided within the UK in 20-28 tonne loads . We supply:

  • Garden Centres
  • Landscape Gardeners
  • Local Authorities

These slate chippings are ideal for garden and development landscaping and can be used as a mulch to supress weeds.

We specialise in bulk deliveries of slate chippings within the UK at competitive prices.

The Range of Decorative Slate Chippings for Landscaping

The decorative Welsh slate chippings are available in a choice of colours and sizes to match your garden landscaping requirements (see below). We can also supply slate monoliths and feature stones with orders for slate chippings. Please note that colours may vary due to this being a natural product from local slate quarries in North Wales.

Plum Slate Chippings

20 mm plum slate chippings

Plum : 5-30mm

40 mm plum

Plum : 30-50mm

plum oversize

Plum : 50-75mm

Blue Slate Chippings

40mm blue slate chippings

Blue : 30-50mm

20mm blue

Blue : 5-30mm

blue oversize

Blue : 50-75mm

Green Slate Chippings

20mm green slate chippings

Green : 5-30mm

40mm green

Green : 30-50mm

green oversize

Green : 50-75mm

Grey Slate Chippings

20mm grey slate chippings

Grey : 5-30mm

40mm grey

Grey : 30-50mm

grey oversize

Grey : 50-75mm

Please contact us for the latest prices including delivery to your area, or if you would like to know your nearest stockist. Contact us now for a no obligation quote.

About Cawley Bros Haulage

The business is operated by Cawley Brothers Limited of Llanrwst in North Wales who have been providing haulage services in North Wales and the rest of the UK for many years.

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